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Freelance Manager OS

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Freelance OS Notion Dashboard is a customizable and intuitive tool that helps freelancers manage their projects, tasks, and schedules in one place. With its user-friendly interface and powerful features, this Notion dashboard allows users to keep track of their deadlines, prioritize their work, and collaborate with clients and colleagues more effectively.

You will get :

  • Sales Databases
  • Coms Databases
  • Finance Databeses
  • OKRs Overview Databases
  • Product Services & Control
  • Brands assets Databases


Is this journal template suitable for me?

  • When you want to log your task, reflect, and get things done for a day, this template is for you.
  • When you want to be aware and observe yourself.
  • When you want to track your progress from day to day.
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Freelance Manager OS

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